The Harry Potter podcast that's unashamedly in love with Professor McGonagall

My name is Claudia Falcone and I’m a 27-year old musicology PhD student living in Wales with my husband and two cats. I have been a fan of the Harry Potter books ever since I first read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as a very confused nine-year old.

As an adult, I still reread the books regularly and enjoy discovering the little details I missed on the last read. I listen to Harry Potter podcasts every single day, so when I got the urge to reread the books again in early 2019, I decided to start my own podcast.

Professor McGonagall has always been my favourite character in the books. I even named my cat after her, but unfortunately my little tuxedo Minerva is a lot more stupid than her brilliant teacher counterpart. My other cat is named Beedle and he is very cute.

As well as hosting and producing Have a Biscuit, Potter!, I run my YouTube channel Spinster’s Library, which is all about books I like, including, but not limited to, Harry Potter.


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